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Remember Your Confidence Hebrews 10:26-35

The writer of Hebrews gives us a strong warning!  The person who continues to live willingly in sin, while knowing that Christ sacrificed Himself for their sin, tramples under foot the Son of God.  But this warning is followed by a fantastic reminder.  Our confidence, our assurance of salvation, is the blood of Jesus given for us.

Upcoming Opportunities


Opportunities This Week


Wednesday - March 25

4:30 PM  Confirmation

6:15 PM  Lenten Service

7:45 PM  Youth Group


Saturday - March 28

7:30 AM  Men's S.H.O.P.


Sunday - March 29

9:30 AM  Worship Service

10:40 AM  Sunday School*

*Classes for all ages!


Upcoming Special Events


April 2

7:00 PM  Maundy Thursday Lenten Service

with Communion


April 3

1:15 PM  Community Good Friday Service

at Westby Coon Praire Lutheran Church


April 5

8:30 AM  Easter Breakfast

9:30 AM  Resurrection Day Service

June 12-14

LB Central Region Convention

Heartwood Conference Center, Trego, WI


  • 1 Timothy 2:5-6
    “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time.”


Sunday Morning Service:

9:30am to 10:30am

Sunday School:

10:40am to 11:40am